How to Apply Vinyl on Wood

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive deals with substrates. As craft and hobby vinyl enthusiasts discover the appeal of rustic substrates, we receive more questions about putting vinyl on wood blanks. Many people call asking why their vinyl won’t stick to the wood and assume there’s a defect with the vinyl.  As the old Porgy and Bess song says, “It ain’t necessarily so”. When vinyl doesn’t stick to wood, the problem is usually with the wood. But there are ways to make it work and things to … (read more...)

Laser engraving stainless steel tumblers

Unless you’ve been off the grid for a few years, you know that decorated drinkware is a hot product segment. From monogrammed mugs to wrapped Yeti tumblers, people love customized drinking vessels. This creates new markets for profitable items for those in the business of  product personalization. You can read elsewhere on the Sign College Blog about using sign vinyl on ceramic mugs, and glitter vinyl on Yeti tumblers. And we’ve presented some heat transfer options in an article about decorating mugs with dye sublimation and laser transfer paper. But … (read more...)

SignWarehouse 2017-2018 Basic Training Schedule

SignWarehouse Classroom IconSignWarehouse hosts monthly training seminars in our Denison, TX location.

This service is for new customers that have already purchased their large format printer, laser engraver, and vinyl cutter and have used for a minimum of 30 days. The training is by senior technical support staff and will cover Basic to Intermediate hardware and software applications in a classroom and LIMITED hands-on training environment.

Check this website for class schedule and for more details. Call us at 800-699-5512 ext # 2818 to sign up. Classes will fill up quickly … (read more...)

Logical Color WarmPeel Universal T-shirt Vinyl


We are excited to announce that we’ve expanded our considerable line of heat transfer films. We have added a new brand of T-shirt vinyl we’re calling Logical Color. Personally, I love the name Logical Color because it speaks to how our industry brings technology and creativity together. Our manufacturing partners produce advanced materials that enable our customers to be more creative. Currently, we have two product lines under the Logical Color brand – WarmPeel Universal and GlitterSOFT.  Logical Color WarmPeel Universal is the perfect example of this blend of … (read more...)

Help! My Coupon Code Won’t Work on SignWarehouse

From time to time we get comments from customers who say “my coupon code won’t work”.  Here’s why these coupon codes don’t work.

  • The coupon code came from a bogus or fake source.  Let’s face it, everybody wants a coupon. So there are sites that have sprung up as a so-called clearinghouse to “offer” you coupons. These sites are “fake news” designed to get you to give up your email address. Or they are “clickbait” hoping that you will click on an ad placed on their pages. In any case,
(read more...)

Basic Guide to Printable Vinyl

As sign makers expand into new markets for vinyl decals, their customers are increasingly asking for digital color: photos, logos, and intricate designs. These require an inkjet printer. If you’re at this stage in your digital graphics journey, you may be wondering what kind of vinyl you need. What works with your printer, and what kind of vinyl is right for your job? How do you determine what separates good printable vinyl from not-so-good. If these questions sound familiar,  you are in the right place.  We’re about to answer all … (read more...)