Logical Color WarmPeel Universal T-shirt Vinyl


We are excited to announce that we’ve expanded our considerable line of heat transfer films. We have added a new brand of T-shirt vinyl we’re calling Logical Color. Personally, I love the name Logical Color because it speaks to how our industry brings technology and creativity together. Our manufacturing partners produce advanced materials that enable our customers to be more creative. Currently, we have two product lines under the Logical Color brand – WarmPeel Universal and GlitterSOFT.  Logical Color WarmPeel Universal is the perfect example of this blend of … (read more...)

PrismJET VJ54 Advanced Piezo Electric Print Head

Every digital inkjet printer has an engine. Like the engine in your car, the printer’s engine is what drives its output. It’s the most critical element.

The heart of the print engine is the print head. Just as the engine in your car determines how far and how fast you can go, the head in your printer determines the speed and quality of your sign and graphics business.

The PrismJET VJ54 is a great vehicle for a fast-moving sign business partly because it has an outstanding engine. It uses an … (read more...)

HotMark 70 T-Shirt Vinyl

There are two basic ways to make more money in business: sell more of your wares to existing customers, or sell your existing wares to new customers. If you are a sign business doing most of your work with a plotter and adhesive backed vinyl, there’s an easy way to do both of these at once. You can sell more of your wares to your existing sign customers and sell vector graphics to a much larger market just by adding a heat press and some thermal transfer film. An investment … (read more...)

Defective Vinyl? Try These Tips First

Vinyl Weeding Small Letters can be a painDefective vinyl or problem vinyl is a complaint  we hear whenever a person has any kind of issue with their vinyl. We field call after call from many customers on a daily basis.  So we have a good feel for the types of problems our customers are having. One of the more common calls we receive is when a customer believes they have some defective vinyl.

Why do customers think they have defective vinyl? When the problem is diagnosed, it is usually one of the following three reasons:

  • It’s too
(read more...)

PrismJET VJ54 Media Take-up System

One of the standard features on the new PrismJET VJ54 eco-solvent printer is the dual motor media take-up system. A lot of large format printers are sold without a media take-up system. Indeed, it was optional on the PrismJET VJ48.

The addition of the new dual-motor media take-up on the PrismJET VJ54 is one of the many enhancements we’ve made to our best-selling large format printer.

Why is this feature important to your sign and graphics business? How does it work, and why don’t more companies offer this with their … (read more...)

iColor Dye Sublimation Toner

If you’re using an iColor 500 or 600 and would like an even bigger envelope of applications, we have good news for you. I know it sounds crazy because an iColor laser transfer printer is already one of the most versatile digital decoration solutions on the planet. But the mad scientists in the iColor lab wanted more so they’ve added a dye sublimation option. Sublimation toner adds softer and more durable T-shirt transfers, dishwasher-safe mug transfers,  better support for pastels and gradients, and easier application on hard surfaces. What exactly … (read more...)