Vinyl Express Q Series vinyl cutters

For more than 35 years, SIGNWarehouse and Vinyl Express have offered the sign industry the exceptional value of brand name quality at warehouse prices. We use our buying power to partner with respected manufacturers like Graphtec, MUTOH, and SAI to deliver top quality performance without the premium price. The purest expression of that winning business model is the Vinyl Express Q Series vinyl cutters. The Q Series is a full line of professional grade cutters built exclusively for SIGNWarehouse by one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers. The Q Series … (read more...)

Vinyl Cutters, Vinyl Decals, and Substrates Index

Sometimes we need qe6000_cutting_closeup_300x219a place to keep our important things. You probably have a receipts drawer, tool box, or an art supplies box. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a handy place to store all the Sign College blog articles about vinyl cutters, vinyl decals, signs and substrates? We thought so too. So we humbly present our vinyl graphics topical index.

This updated version now includes all of our articles about the hardware involved and how to use it. Now you’ll find all our article about buying the right vinyl … (read more...)

laser transfer mug decoration

icolor_ichhard_mugs_full-range_600x365The UniNet iColor LED laser transfer printers are extremely versatile approaches to digital decoration. They excel at everything from decorating dark garments to printing white graphics on black and colored card stock. One of the keys to the iColor’s versatility is the range of self-weeding laser transfer papers available. Different papers support different applications. Since there are so many people interested in decorating drinkware, this is a good time to focus on one of the iColor’s overlooked applications.  Laser transfer mug decoration offers significant advantages over sublimation and even vinyl. … (read more...)

What is the Difference Between the R Series and Q Series Vinyl Sign Cutters?

A customer recently emailed us with the following question:

What is the big difference between the R series Vinyl Express cutter, which sells for hundreds, and the Q series Vinyl cutter that is in thousands? What is special about the Q series that makes them so much higher priced?  I am shopping for a cutter and need to save money…but I want to be sure I get what I need as well.
-Confused in Peoria

Dear Confused,

Maybe a better way to help you understand the differences might be to … (read more...)

DarkJET: Affordable Dark Garment T-Shirt Printing

Fig 1. ChromaBlast ink can be used to create vivid T-shirt decals on dark fabric

ChromaBlast ink can be used to create vivid T-shirt decals on dark fabric

A lot of our customers enjoy the ease and affordability of printing T-shirt transfers with the Virtuoso ChromaBlast systems from Sawgrass. While these provide wonderfully soft and durable color imprints, they do have one drawback. ChromaBlast works only on 100% cotton shirts and only on white or very light pastel apparel. Transfers on black, dark gray, red, etc. wont’ look right and transfers on blended garments don’t last well in the wash. For full color prints on … (read more...)

CorelDRAW Vinyl Cutting Solutions

qe6000-24inch_lxi_400x446One of our most frequently asked questions comes from the legions of CorelDRAW users. They have grown fond of their graphic design software and want to know if we have a vinyl cutter that can output their designs directly from CorelDRAW. The short answer is Yes. The longer blog-worthy answer is Yes,… but. Meaning Yes, but why limit yourself? Yes, but you can get a working solution for a lot less. Got your attention? Good. Let’s find out more about affordable  CorelDRAW vinyl cutting solutions.


CorelDRAW overview

For those … (read more...)