PrismJET VJ54 Media Take-up System

One of the standard features on the new PrismJET VJ54 eco-solvent printer is the dual motor media take-up system. A lot of large format printers are sold without a media take-up system. Indeed, it was optional on the PrismJET VJ48.

The addition of the new dual-motor media take-up on the PrismJET VJ54 is one of the many enhancements we’ve made to our best-selling large format printer.

Why is this feature important to your sign and graphics business? How does it work, and why don’t more companies offer this with their … (read more...)

iColor Dye Sublimation Toner

If you’re using an iColor 500 or 600 and would like an even bigger envelope of applications, we have good news for you. I know it sounds crazy because an iColor laser transfer printer is already one of the most versatile digital decoration solutions on the planet. But the mad scientists in the iColor lab wanted more so they’ve added a dye sublimation option. Sublimation toner adds softer and more durable T-shirt transfers, dishwasher-safe mug transfers,  better support for pastels and gradients, and easier application on hard surfaces. What exactly … (read more...)

Vinyl Sign Graphics and Low Energy Plastics

If you’re one of the growing number of digital decorators challenged with applying vinyl graphics to dirt bikes, ATVs or coolers, you may have already discovered that standard vinyls don’t work too well on these kinds of substrates. These substrates fall into a category called low energy plastics. For customizing items like this, you’ll need something different. That’s why we added  special HT variant to our popular PrismJET 203 solvent-printable vinyl.  PrismJET 203HT is ideal for application on polyethylene, polypropylene, powder-coated metal and more.  Offering a special vinyl for these … (read more...)

PrismJET VJ54 Large Format Eco-solvent Printer

The best get better. You’ve no doubt heard it before, but there’s some truth to that well-worn phrase. People who make a habit of excelling do so by commitment to continuous improvement. That applies to our company and core products. SIGNWarehouse offers some of the best-selling printers in America. And they just got better. The PrismJET line of large format printers  has been  the best-selling MUTOH-made products in America for over a decade. PrismJET offers exceptional value by delivering OEM quality at The SIGNWarehouse price. The new PrismJET VJ54 large … (read more...)

Guide to Layering Sign Vinyl

Variety is the spice of life. Mixing things up is usually a good idea. Would an un-tossed salad with all the veggies in separate little compartments be as enticing? Probably not. Who drinks rum & coke in separate glasses? Mixing things up is good in food and drink. It’s not so good in layered vinyl graphics. Vinyl can be applied in layers on most substrates. But mixing layers of cast, calendared and extruded films can lead to the sign maker’s equivalent of indigestion. Maybe even a hangover. Following some basic … (read more...)

Hix Heat Presses

If you’ve browsed our website or our spring 2017 catalog recently, you may have noticed that we’ve added another line of heat presses. We already offer over 20 different heat presses including Stahl’s Hotronix, Geo Knight, and EnduraPRESS models. With all of those options, why add another brand? Because you asked for it. Well, some of you anyway. Some of our more experienced customers have expressed a preference for Hix heat presses. We have built our 35 years of successful business by giving customers what they want. So naturally, we … (read more...)