10 Reasons to Sell Your Signs Using a Catalog

SignWarehouse 2010.2 Catalog for Signmakers

SignWarehouse 2010.2 Catalog for Signmakers

Catalogs (and flyers) are a great means of selling that should be added to your arsenal of marketing tools.

SIGNWarehouse has enjoyed great success with a catalog we have produced for the last decade or so. We produce and print this twice a year, in the spring and fall. Currently, our combined circulation reaches about 300,000 copies a year.

Produced in house, this catalog is made using Adobe’s CS4 series of products:  Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Acrobat Professional. 95% of the photography is done in house using a Nikon D90 and D80 in our photo and video studio.

While many signs and products are customizable, you can include an example of each type of sign or design you work with.

Consider the following 10 reasons why selling from a catalog is a good idea:

  1. Brings attention to your business. While a catalog isn’t considered standard advertising, it can do the job by bringing your product to the people.
  2. Little to lose. If you aren’t sure you can develop your entire catalog, try to get into one where other businesses sell. Listing your product is inexpensive and takes very little time.
  3. Adds to your credibility. Whether you have your own catalog, or choose to publish in another, your business looks more grounded when it is on paper.
  4. A steady ramp up. Selling via catalog is not likely to produce massive amounts of sales at first, but rather grow at a rate that your small business can manage.
  5. Levels the playing field. Catalogs make businesses the same across the board, giving you the opportunity to compete with bigger businesses.
  6. Increased exposure. It is possible that your catalog will reach to areas where other forms of advertising wouldn’t, giving your small sign business greater exposure.
  7. Hone your marketing skills. Publishing your items in different catalogs that sell a variety of products can reveal to you who is buying your signs. In turn, you can market specifically to that target group.
  8. People can see your work. A catalog you publish yourself with all of your own products highlights the work of your hands. It shows customers what you have made in the past and puts ideas into reality.
  9. Lots of potential. If selling signs via catalog works, you can generate a lot of revenue that may not have come in your door in any other way.
  10. Variety is the spice of life! Trying something new can invigorate you to keep pushing to see your business succeed. Sometimes trying something a little different is all you need to see your sign business grow.

Making a catalog is definitely an undertaking. Here are a couple of other things to keep in mind when developing your catalog:

  • Focus on a couple of main items that you want to push to customers, and make sure and feature those in the first few pages.
  • Hire a quality copy writer. Even the best images will have a hard time selling a product if they are accompanied by a low quality sales pitch.
  • Hire a skilled designer to piece together images and copy for a professional looking product.