Stop Procrastinating and Just Get it Done!

Unfortunately, the most common result to piles and piles of work is more procrastination. To nip this vicious cycle in the bud, you need to avoid putting things off all together, which is much easier said than done. If you find yourself to be a chronic procrastinator, try implementing these 5 tips designed to jump start you to work.

5 Tips for Reducing Sign Making Business Costs

Who doesn’t want to reduce their sign making business costs? With a little bit of planning and good organization you can likely decrease spending and increase profits for your sign shop. Make sure you are following these 5 tips to reduce your small business expenses.

Make Breaking Bad News Easier

Everyone has to be the bearer of bad news at one point or another. Despite the fact that the “business is business” all to often it also becomes personal. If you have the habit of being a good communicator, however, when the time rolls around to bring home the bad news you run less of a risk of becoming the enemy. Here’s some helpful tips:

Choose the Right Fonts for Your Next Sign Job

Picking the right font can be difficult when designing signs. Either we tend to get in a rut and use the same font over and over again, or we pick fonts that aren’t right for the situation at hand. It can also be difficult to decide on a font when you have to factor in the opinion of the person commissioning the sign. Here are some basic guidelines for choosing the right font for the job