Using Cast Vinyl For Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics have been a popular choice for business advertising for many years. Back then, the most widely-used calendered vinyl for vehicle graphics was Oracal 651. It is still valuable when it is used for the right projects. It is a high-quality vinyl highly rated for outdoor signs, marketing, crafts and decorations. It conveniently comes […]

Vinyl Cutting Materials Guide

You’ve finally got your new vinyl cutter, and it’s all set up and ready to cut! There’s just one problem. What settings do you use for the media you’re cutting? Do you use the same speed and force settings for EnduraGLOSS and ORALITE? Do you use the same settings for heat transfer film and cast […]

Tiling Your Sublimation Blanks

Sublimation can be a great method for making customized items such as drinkware. It’s a fun and easy way to create beautiful custom pieces that are much more durable than vinyl. Our mug presses, such as the Endurapress MP5 and the SilverBolt MugPro 5, make things that much easier! The Endurapress MP5 also has optional […]

MUSE Artisan Vinyl Cutter

MUSE Artisan Overview The MUSE Artisan vinyl cutter is the newest member of the MUSE family of vinyl cutters. The Artisan is an entry level cutter unlike any other the world has ever seen. It’s an upgraded, more reliable, capable, and durable entry level cutter than previous models. The updated interface gives the Artisan a […]

LXi License Loop

It can be frustrating when the computer you’ve been using for years suddenly dies, and you’ve lost access to all of your important files. Moving your hard drive to another computer or cloning it can be a great way to regain access to those files. Now, you’ve got the new computer with the old hard […]