Buying the Right Banner Material

Choosing the right banner...

Choosing the right banner…

Whether you are buying material for vinyl signs or digitally printed banners, choosing the right banner weight and quality is important. SignWarehouse stocks 10 ounce, 13 ounce, 14 ounce  and 16 ounce banner material – some for vinyl and some for digitally-printed graphics.

What Do the Numbers Mean?

They are a measure of the weight of one square yard of material. In other words, a 3’ x 3’ sheet of 13 ounce banner material should weigh 13 ounces, and a square yard of 14 ounce banner weighs about 14 ounces. An 10 ounce banner is obviously a lighter weight product than a 13 or 14 ounce banner, so it will generally be less opaque and less tear resistant than banners of heavier materials.

So for one-sided, short-term outdoor applications, a 10 ounce banner is fine. For longer term use, or for use in windy climates, a 13 ounce banner will normally offer better durability. That’s not to say that a 13 ounce banner is always better or that weight is the only determining factor. Banner durability is determined not just by weight but by the density of the scrim from which it’s made. This is measured by the denier count.

500 Denier for Longer Term Outdoor Use

For indoor or short-term outdoor use, a lightweight banner with a denier of 200 to 500 will suffice. But for medium to long-term outdoor use, a 500 x 500 denier is much more likely to provide the tear resistance you and your customer want. Before you buy a banner, ask what the denier is. SignWarehouse’s EnduraMAX banner blanks and rolls are made from 500 denier material and offer superior tear resistance for short to medium term outdoor vinyl graphics.

SignWarehouse’s new PrismJET 10 ounce banner is a lightweight 200 x 500 denier product suitable for short-term graphics for outdoor use. For higher tear resistance, the new PrismJET 13 ounce banner, with its 500 x 500 denier, is a better choice. Our most durable printable banner product is Freedom Banner, which is made from a very high quality 1000 denier scrim. Our new PrismJET 13 ounce Supersmooth Blockout banner rates only a 250 x 250 denier count. Is it too weak to take outside? Not at all.