Color Change Film for Vehicle Wrapping

Color Changing Film Creates a Difference It’s not just what’s under the hood that matters on a car, nor how luxurious the interior. The first impression you – and others – have of your car is the exterior. Color change film for vehicle wrapping provides that pop of interest. Vehicle color choices used to be […]

Why Use Cast Vinyl For Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics have been a popular use of vinyl for years. For a time, the most popular and widely recommended vinyl for vehicle graphics was Oracal 651. As a calendered vinyl, it had its limitations including conformability and durability, but it outperformed the competition of its time. Even today, many pros still prefer Oracal 651. […]

Cut PPF Like a Pro

Remember your first ride? It may have been a hand-me-down junker from a family member, a new car from a rich uncle (don’t we all wish!), or your first major purchase with income from your summer job. Whether an old jalopy or a sporty car, you probably washed, waxed, and polished it as if it […]

Lighten Up with Reflective Vinyl

What’s That Ahead? Unlike owls, cats, and frogs, human vision is not better in darkness. In fact, it’s not good at all! We carry flashlights with us on camping trips and rely on outdoor lights on our houses, apartments, businesses, and in parking garages to make us feel safe when walking after dark. And for […]