Basic Guide to Dye Sublimation

In these days of aging baby boomers and web savvy Gen-Xers, customization is king. People want what they wear and use to say something about them. So we are awash in custom cars, cell phone wraps, Xbox skins, and of course, custom apparel. All of these are ways for an innovative sign maker to expand […]

Sign Vinyl on Mugs, Glasses & Cups

The newest trend in custom vinyl graphics is decorating drinkware; applying vinyl on mugs, cups, and glasses. Etsy, Printerest, and related web sites have lots of examples of cute custom mugs and glasses available for sale. So naturally we’re getting lots of questions from inspired and entrepreneurial customers about the new trend.What kind of vinyl […]

Decorating Mouse Pads with ChromaBlast Ink

ChromaBlast is a digital transfer technology used to decorate cotton garments. It’s a very popular garment decoration method for our customers because it uses economical cotton shirts, can be used with inexpensive desktop inkjet printers, and produces vivid washfast color. It’s also more versatile than we’d thought. We’ve recently discovered and verified that you can use ChromaBlast ink and paper to customize mouse pads.