Spirit GLS Hybrid Laser Engraver

One of the recent advances in laser engraving advent of Fiber lasers for marking metal. Standard CO2 laser work wonderfully on organic and porous materials like wood and plastics. But they don’t produce enough concentrated laser energy to engrave metals. There are ways to get around this by using after-market spray-on coatings, but these are […]

Laser engraving stainless steel tumblers

Unless you’ve been off the grid for a few years, you know that decorated drinkware is a hot product segment. From monogrammed mugs to wrapped Yeti tumblers, people love customized drinking vessels. This creates new markets for profitable items for those in the business of  product personalization. You can read elsewhere on the Sign College […]

Tape for laser engraving wood without burn marks

A frequently asked question from customers regarding laser engravers is how to laser cut plywood or MDF without scorching the substrate. Laser engravers can be used to engrave or cut. Engraving is not a problem because the power level on the beam isn’t high enough to scorch the wood beyond what’s expected.  But cutting something […]

A Basic Guide to Rotary Engraving

Expanding into awards & trophies makes sense for sign makers. You can use your expertise with vector graphics and plotters to quickly master rotary engraving. Some sign software can be upgraded to engraving applications with the addition of a simple plug-in. Since there is so much overlap between these industries, rotary engraving might be the business booster you need to reach the next level. How does it work? What are the target markets and profitable products? What kind of equipment and software do you need? The answers to all of these are provided below.