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A Basic Guide to Pricing Signs, Banners, and Wraps

One of the most important and frequently asked questions from new sign makers is what do I charge? No other question has such potential for success or failure for a new business. No matter how well you know your equipment, no matter how good your designs are, if you fail in pricing signs right, you fail; period. So in the interest of increasing your chances for sign making success, we offer this beginners guide to sign pricing. We’ll look at industry standard pricing for the most common applications, guidelines for design and labor charges, resources for managing costs, and tips for adapting to regional differences. Let’s start with some basic guidelines for banners, vehicle graphics, and small signage.

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A Basic Guide to Display Options for Indoor Banners

The market for exhibition graphics is tied to the health of the convention industry and, despite the recent economic hardships, there are indications that this sector of the economy is growing. Most exhibition graphics are digitally printed, but don’t assume there’s no place for good old spot color vinyl. To help you monetize this market, we present this article: A basic guide to indoor banner displays.

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A Basic Guide to Rotary Engraving

Expanding into awards & trophies makes sense for sign makers. You can use your expertise with vector graphics and plotters to quickly master rotary engraving. Some sign software can be upgraded to engraving applications with the addition of a simple plug-in. Since there is so much overlap between these industries, rotary engraving might be the business booster you need to reach the next level. How does it work? What are the target markets and profitable products? What kind of equipment and software do you need? The answers to all of these are provided below.

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Tools for Combating the Sign Haters

In pretty much every community across the United States there are a handful of people who don’t like signs. They complain that they are unnecessary, a nuisance, gaudy, too big, cluttered, visual pollution, light pollution… the list goes on and on. So how can your sign shop convince the community? Read this post to find one resource.

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How Social Media and SEO Affect Your Sign Making Business

Public Relations professionals, or the guy at your business who handles dealing with the press, can do a lot for your business when it comes to mastering the technology overload we find ourselves in today. Just because many sign shops are small businesses doesn’t mean they can’t take advantage of the advances in technology geared toward linking people to businesses on a more social level. After all, small businesses are known for their personal touch. So, how can you get your sign business more involved in social media?

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Basic Guide to Window Tinting

As sign makers continue to look for lucrative new markets, some traditional artisans are looking for the productivity gains of adopting digital technology. Much like today’s professional vehicle wrap installers, traditional window tint installers ply their trade with skills acquired through experience.

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