Value of Signs Making the National News

Two articles in two days have shone light on the value of signage from both economic and constitutional perspectives. The first article ran in USA Today and was written by small business expert Steven Strauss. The article focused on how critical and cost effective it is for small business to use visible and creative signs.

5 ways to Get Local Press Coverage For Your Sign Making Business

Local press coverage and support is essential for any small sign business. A positive newspaper article, or a mention on a local news station can do wonders for driving community support for your sign shop. So how can you make your business more appealing to local media outlets? What can you do to get your sign shop noticed? Check out these 5 tips:

Four Reasons Your Sign Business Needs More Media Exposure

In order to increase visibility and ultimately earn more sales sign business owners should constantly be looking for ways to get their small business more exposure in the media. Although the marketing budget is usually quite limited, there are plenty of budget friendly options that can work wonders for your business. While the expense of getting your business more media exposure may have you hesitating, consider these four reasons as to why your business needs more media exposure.

Play the Postage Game and Win in your Sign Making Business

Starting Monday, May 14 the U.S. Postal service will be increasing postage fees, and that has many of us sign business owners cringing. From sending out newsletters, to coupons, and even simple business correspondence, we all budget a certain amount to spend on postage, and these changes could end up costing your sign making business. Businesses that send out packages will be hit the hardest, but there are ways to get creative and actually end up cutting costs around the new pricing system, which is based on package shapes.

5 Steps to Sign Visibility

Encouraging your customers to be more diligent with sign usage at their business will result in more business for them, and more business for you. What are the benefits of using a variety of signs to advertise businesses? Visibility for starters. When your sign shop enables businesses to get themselves out there through carefully designed signs, their customers and the community become more familiar with their business. Use the following questions to encourage your small sign business customers to examine their company’s visibility with the aim of increasing their range.

A Sign Survey Checklist for Your Customers

You make signs, and you want to make them for others. If you have been building your repertoire in the community, chances are you have also been building your potential client list. You know who is on the list, they are the people who have expressed interest in your sign business, but have yet to commit to anything formal. How do you move them from a prospect to a client? Here is one way, using a simple checklist.