New Vinyl Application Tools

Most of the fanfare in our Fall 2014 catalog is about new equipment and heat transfer materials. But we’ve added some nifty shop tools too. As anyone who’s worked in a busy sign shop knows, having the right finishing and application tools can be almost as important as having the right equipment. Well-designed vinyl application […]

Knifeless Tape for Vehicle Wraps

We’ve added a cool new product for vehicle wraps. It’s one of those clever innovations that makes sign making easier. It ‘s an easy way to add flames, pin stripes and similar large vector vinyl graphics to a car. It’s recommended by Justin Pate, the world’s best known vehicle wrapping guru. It’s the first method […]

PrismJET 235 High Tack Solvent Printable Vinyl for Snowmobiles, ATVs, Go Karts, Jetskis® and More

PrismJET 235 High Tack. PrismJET 235 is a 4 mil, premium calendared solvent printable vinyl with a special high bond adhesive. These adhesive backed films are designed for application on “hard to stick” substrates including certain plastics and porous surfaces. Think: ATVs, snowmobiles, go karts, Jetskis®, zambonies, garbage cans, garage floors…

Exciting new technologies… the Direct Jet 1324

The Direct Jet is a line of three small format flatbed printers by Direct color Systems. They print using a unique dye-based solvent ink that images directly to a delightful variety of rigid substrates; with no pretreatment required. You can produce high resolution (up to 5760 dpi), full color photographic quality images on glass, brass, acrylic, wood, PVC, gold plated pendants, golf balls, baseballs, pens, CDs and more.