A Basic Guide to Tape Application Tools

Using application tape for vinyl is an essential part of vinyl sign making. For some, transfer tape is a breeze, for others a challenge. But because it’s a necessary step in transferring your design to a substrate or sign blank, and because it can cause disaster if you botch it –there are lots of tools designed to make it easier.

Designing for Drinkware: LXI Distortion Tool

The topic for this article comes from our Decorated Drinkware webinar. Lots of attendees wanted to know how to design graphics that ‘look right’ on mugs and tumblers. The  designing for drinkware solution applies to decorating curved surfaces, but has applications in standard signage also.   What do you do as a graphic designer when your […]

What is Punched Vinyl?

Surely you’ve heard of  New Yorkers who’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty. This article isn’t about New York, but it’s the Sign College equivalent. We’ve published over 400 articles during the years, all of which are designed to educate our customers. We have basic guides aplenty but somehow, we have overlooked one of […]

EnduraGlitter CAST Ultrametallic Glitter Vinyl

They say all that glitters is not gold. That’s true. If it’s EnduraGlitter CAST Ultrametallic Vinyl, it may be Diamond, Sapphire Blue, Cobalt Blue, Rose Quartz, Fire Opal, Amethyst, Beryl, Smoky Quartz, or Topaz – aka, Gold. Endura GlitterCAST is the latest in our ongoing effort to give our customers what they want. Apparently a […]

Conform Tape and Conformable Vinyl

Sometimes products made in the sign industry come from different disciplines and the people developing these products don’t speak the same language. I’m not referring to English and Chinese. I’m referring to the languages of grams per square meter vs denier. They both refer to the strength of a printable substrate, but one refers to […]