Dressing for Your Sign Making Sale

When you are headed out meet a potential client or do a business deal, go ahead and dress the part. If you are used to dressing more casually at the office, you may want to think about a bit of a more professional look for business that takes you out of the office. Pressed Dockers, a long sleeve dress shirt and a tie are the perfect combination for true businessmen.

While initially you may feel a little bit too much like a salesman with a dress shirt and tie on, ask yourself this: Why wouldn’t you want to look like a salesman? After all, while you are on a business meeting you are working with a client to help them figure out what their signage needs, and provide them a sign or identity solution. You don’t have to call it making a sale, but in effect that is what you are doing, so go ahead and dress the part! Sure you may feel more comfortable in jeans and a polo shirt, but putting forth the effort to dress up shows to your clients that you take yourself, your business and their business seriously.

Being slightly better dressed than normal can also produce a confidence in you and help you gain added respect from your client.  If you are unsure or feel awkward dressing up, give it a try for one meeting at a time, perhaps with a client you have worked with in the past. Don’t be surprised if they mention something regarding your new professional style! Once you get more comfortable and see how others respond to your professional style of dress, throwing on slacks and a tie will become second nature.