EnduraINK PRO for MUTOH & Roland Printers

EnduraINK_PRO_VG2_300x275Unless you live in a cave in Utah, you’ve probably heard by now that you can save up to 15% on your car insurance by switching to a company represented by a computer generated reptile.

If you’re in the sign business and you want to save some real money, consider switching to EnduraINK PRO. EnduraINK PRO ink can save you 30% off your printing costs and it takes less than fifteen minutes to place your first order. The savings from EnduraINK PRO are much greater than those offered by the talking gecko because switching insurance companies doesn’t generate more savings the more you drive.

But the more you print, the more ink you use. And the more EnduraINK PRO ink you use, the more money you save. Just like with insurance, not everyone’s eligible. But if you have the right equipment, we can save you enough money to make that little gecko green with envy.

What’s EnduraINK PRO, you might ask? How much money are we talking about? And who’s eligible?


EnduraINK PRO is our light solvent ink for large format printers. We’ve offered it for over a year exclusively for our best-selling printer, the PrismJET VJ48. EnduraINK PRO ink has been subjected to over three years of exhaustive testing and evaluation.   Like a good neighbor, we took great pains to make sure it was safe and effective before we began to offer it to our valued customers. We tested and rejected at least two major suppliers until we found one that provides a seamless transition from OEM ink with comparable or better color and outdoor durability. Our PrismJET VJ48 customers love it.

In the words of Steve Leeder of Leeding Signs, “When I purchased my new ValueJet Printer, I started using Endura Ink. The Endura Ink color gamut is actually brighter, it dries faster, the finish is harder and much more durable…”  Roy Bond of InSight Vinyl Graphics adds, “…the ink colors were a complete match and we could see no difference in print quality. I would  encourage all PrismJET users to switch right away and start saving money.”

Obviously, the benefits of EnduraINK PRO ink  are not new to PrismJET VJ48 customers. The big news is that we’ve recently added EnduraINK PRO-M for 64″ MUTOH ValueJet printers. So owners of ValueJet 1614, 1624, and 1638 printers can switch and get the benefits of comparable or better image quality at a lower price.

How Much Can You Save?

EnduraINK PRO-M comes in 440ml cartridges and are priced at only $89.50 each.  EnduraINK PRO ink provides an immediate savings of $39.49, or roughly 30% compared to OEM ink.

What’s so exciting about saving $39.49? Do the math.  If you run a high volume sign business and you currently use only one set of ink cartridges per week, switching to EnduraINK PRO will save you $157.96 per week, which adds up to $679.23 per month which adds up to over $7,470.00 per year- if you take an entire month off for vacations, holidays, and zip-lining.  If you go through two sets of ink cartridges per week, switching to EnduraINK PRO will save you over $14,940.00 per year; almost enough to buy another printer. Pure… adrenaline.

What About My Warranty?

If you’ve been looking into this, you may have heard that using an aftermarket ink can void your warranty. Not true. Attempts in the past by printer manufacturers to force customers to use their OEM inks have been declared violations of federal antitrust laws. These laws have teeth as evidenced by the recent announcement of criminal convictions for the CEOs of several major Japanese auto part manufacturers.  So rest assured that MUTOH cant dictate what ink you use in your printer.

Aside from the legal issues, there is a question about the product quality. The fact is, the contents of those OEM ink cartridges are more similar than the printer manufacturers’ marketing guys would have you believe.  As noted above, the EnduraINK PRO product line is the result of years of thorough testing. It won’t bring any mayhem into your sign shop.  Some MUTOH users who are concerned about the manufacturer holding use of third party ink over their heads have decided to wait until the warranty expires in order to switch. Weigh the cost. Is it worth paying up to $15,000  per year in higher ink costs? That decision is yours to make, but rest assured that EnduraINK PRO will neither void your warranty nor damage your printer in any way. It will simply produce comparable or better print quality– for a lot less money.

If you want to look like that biker or boater trailing cash, maybe switching insurance carriers isn’t the fastest way to do it. Switching to  EnduraINK PRO can save you thousands of dollars, depending on how much ink you use. But the benefits are not limited to high volume printers. You’ll save almost $40 on each cartridge. Even if you’re a small sign shop, that’s sure to help your cash Flo. It can take much less than fifteen minutes, and you don’t have to wait until hump day. Just click here.