EnduraTex Printable HTV Update

EnduraTex to Chemica, Logical Color

One of Shakespeare’s most famous verses is from Romeo and Juliet. “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet”. EnduraTex printable heat transfer film can be used to print pictures of roses and heat-apply them to sweet-looking custom apparel. That apparel would be just as durable and profitable if EnduraTex were known by any other name. That’s good news, because EnduraTex printable HTV has a new name: two, in fact.  Some of your favorite EnduraTex products will be moved to the Chemica folder, some to Logical Color. Here are the details.

EnduraTex to Chemica: Large Format Printable HTV

Chemica has been a key supplier for SIGNWarehouse for many years. Their products are engineered to the highest standards and produce excellent quality across a wide range of segments in garment decoration. Their line of large format printable heat transfer films includes products designed for solvent, eco-solvent and Latex printers. And they all carry the Oekotex standard for consumer safety.

Common applications for Chemica printable HTV include industrial garment decoration, league apparel, fashion apparel, custom fashions, and novelty transfers. These products have established a loyal following among commercial garment decorators who depend on quality films to carry their ideas to market.

Our Chemica printable HTV product line includes the following products:

  • HotMark Print Revolution: HotMark Print Revolution is the top tier Chemica printable Heat transfer film. It’s a premium 3-mil Polyurethane (PU) film with a unique adhesive and liner that support use on almost any kind of fabric from cotton to Nylon. It features a soft hand and excellent print quality. It’s available in 15, 20, and 30-inch wide rolls starting at only $28.99. Shop HotMark Print Revolution.
  • HotMark Print: Chemica (formerly EnduraTex) HotMark Print is the company’s most recognized premium heat transfer film. HotMark Print is a thin 2-mil PU film that supports excellent print quality and produces transfers with a very soft hand. HotMark Print is compatible with cotton, polyester, cotton-poly blends, and similar fabrics. It’s also available in 15, 20, and 30-inch wide rolls starting at only $34.00. Shop HotMark Print.
  • BESTPRINT: Chemica Bestprint gained an enormous following as EnduraTex EasyPrint. The recently renamed film is Chemica’s best-selling product globally, and is a staple for professional garment decorators. Bestprint excels because of its vibrant color, excellent durability and ease of use. This PVC film is a true heat transfer vinyl that stands the test of time. The 6-mil face film supports transfer of simple graphics by hand without the use of heat transfer tape. This makes it ideal for high-volume garment decoration. Bestprint is available in 15 and 30-inch wide rolls. 24” x 6-foot sample rolls are available for only $17.99. Shop Chemica Bestprint.

EnduraTex to Logical Color: Desktop Inkjet Printable Solutions

The Logical Color brand encompasses a wide range of trusted heat transfer solutions for markets from craft to commercial. The Logical Color product portfolio includes cuttable heat transfer film, large format printable HTV, heat transfer tape, laser transfer paper, and desktop HTV for expanding the envelope for dye sublimation. So it makes perfect sense for the Logical Color house to welcome EnduraTex DarkJet and RGP. DarkJet and RGP are popular films for crafters and micro-entrepreneurs.

Logical Color DarkJet and RGP sheets are made for those who want to push the boundaries of desktop printing. These products support print & cut heat transfer processes that produce professional-looking transfers on a smaller scale.  Whether you’re a crafter with a desktop inkjet printer, a photographer using a wide format pigment-ink printer, or a boutique garment decorator with a Sawgrass Chromablast printer, DarkJet and RGP can help you create bolder, more engaging t-shirt transfers.

  • Logical Color DarkJet: DarkJet comes in letter and tabloid size sheets. The thin face film supports soft transfers that are comfortable and stretchable, but opaque enough for application on dark fabric. The paper release liner supports print and cut workflow with a growing variety of craft cutters and advanced vinyl cutters with registration mark sensors. True to its craft & hobby mission, DarkJet can be applied with a heat press or an iron. Get the full story here. 50-pack sheets start at $49.95. Shop Logical Color DarkJet.
  • Logical Color RGP: RGP, aka ‘red grid paper’ is also well known to crafters and micro-entrepreneurs. When you want something a little softer than DarkJet, but don’t need to cover dark fabric, try a pack of RGP. RGP is a thin, soft, reverse-print inkjet paper designed for white and pastel apparel. It can be contour-cut with a vinyl cutter or trimmed by hand and is suitable for use in a heat press or as an iron-on film. Get the full story here. 25-sheet packs of red grid paper are only $24.95. Shop Logical Color RGP.

A rose by any other name would be as sweet. EnduraTex by another name  – whether Chemica or Logical Color – can still be used to create sweet-looking t-shirt transfers. Whether you have a desktop inkjet printer, or large-format eco-solvent or Latex machine, the outstanding HTV films you love are still here.