Five Ways to Get a Better Hotel Rate

Finding good deals on travel can be tough for sign business owners. While larger businesses have a number of ways to minimize travel expenses, smaller businesses are often left in the lurch. If you need to plan a business trip on your own, try using these tips from Consumer Reports on how to get a better hotel rate.

  • Haggle. You might be surprised to find out that 80% of the time asking for a better rate will get you one. To put this technique into practice call the hotel location directly, as opposed to dialing the 800 number.
  • Be loyal. If you tend to travel a lot check into what sort of loyalty plan your favorite hotel chain offers. These types of programs pay out to frequent customers by means of complementary  nights, airline miles, room upgrades, and more.
  • Do nonrefundable. Instead of asking for the “corporate deal” (which is available to everyone, and usually far from the best price), ask for the cheapest nonrefundable rate. Typically, this will cost you a lot less, but only do it for trips you are 100% sure on, as there is no refund.
  • Be a fan. Log on to Facebook and Twitter and start following the hotels you frequent. Hotels send out early notifications of deals to their social media followers.
  • Get the early bird rate. When traveling to a popular destination, especially during the high season, try and get your rate locked in as early was possible. Consumer Reports recommends getting quotes from multiple hotels and then reserving the lowest refundable rate. Later, if you find a cheaper one you can cancel and make a new reservation.

Business trips are a necessary part of life, but with a little bit of strategic planning you can make sure that they don’t break the bank.

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