GO UNO Printer Video Overview

The GO UNO has been one of our most appealing products for garment decoration. Its quality, versatility, and affordability make it ideal for printing custom T-shirt transfers and decorating gift items.

The GO UNO can be used to print T-shirt transfer for shirts of all kinds and to customize mugs, mouse pads, magnetic sheeting, brushed chrome, Plexiglass and more. It also works with our DarkJet inkjet paper for intense color transfers on dark shirts.

To help more people see the value in this exciting new product, we’ve uploaded our recent GO UNO webinar to tv.signwarehouse.com.

What Does the Go UNO Webinar Cover?

The webinar is a complete introduction to the GO UNO laser transfer system. We show you its features, advantages and profitable applications, and show you how it stacks up against  other garment decoration technologies. You’ll learn in step by step instruction and video demonstrations how to use the GO UNO to decorate light and dark garments. We also present a general  breakdown of operating cost and profitability so that you can see how laser transfers can enhance your garment decoration business or expand your sign shop’s product offering. There’s also a Q & A section at the end presenting the questions and answers from the live event.

Format of the Go Uno Webinar

To make it even more accessible than the live event, we’ve reformatted the presentation into seven brief segments.

  • Overview & Intro
  • Applications: What Can I do with a GO UNO?
  • Return on Investment
  • Comparisons with other Garment Decorating Techniques
  • GO UNO Process: How does it work?
  • Specially Priced GO UNO Packages
  • What About Dark Shirts?
  • Q & A

You can view them at your leisure, all at once or one at a time. You can view the ones most important to you. We hope you’ll find the GO UNO webinar to be a valuable resource for making decisions about how to add profitable laser transfer technology to your digital graphics business.