Hix Heat Presses

If you’ve browsed our website or our spring 2017 catalog recently, you may have noticed that we’ve added another line of heat presses. We already offer over 20 different heat presses including Stahl’s Hotronix, Geo Knight, and EnduraPRESS models. With all of those options, why add another brand? Because you asked for it. Well, some of you anyway. Some of our more experienced customers have expressed a preference for Hix heat presses. We have built our 35 years of successful business by giving customers what they want. So naturally, we listened. Those familiar with Hix quality and reliability will be pleased. Those of you who aren’t familiar with this brand are invited to click past the Read More button to find out what we’ve added and why.

About Hix

You might think of Hix as a workhorse from the heartland. Hix heat presses are made in Pittsburgh, Kansas and have earned a reputation for being simple, rugged, and reliable. The company’s presence in the garment decoration industry extends beyond heat presses. Hix has been building screen printers, drying ovens and related products for over  five decades. There are over 250,000 Hix heat transfer machines currently in service, some of which have been in use for over 30 years.

Hix Heat Presses from SignWarehouse

Hix offers an extensive line of heat presses for all kinds of applications and users, from beginners to experienced professionals. They offer economical starter presses for craft and hobby use, fully automated swing arm presses for use with DTG printers and everything in between. At this time, SIGNWarehouse offers five Hix heat transfer models. To reduce the risk of freight damage, all are shipped directly to you form the Hix factory in Kansas. Here’s a brief introduction to the Hix heat presses we offer.

• Hix Hobby Lite: The Hobby Lite is a simple and economical swing arm press designed for light duty craft and hobby use. The Hobby Lite is a 9″ x 12″ press with a swing away design that keeps the heating element away from your hands for safe and easy loading and unloading of garments. The swing away design also supports even pressure across the table. The temperature is controlled by a simple dial that reaches temperatures up to 400°F. The Hobby Lite is an excellent choice for customers ready to graduate from iron-on transfers to something more consistent and durable. At only $315.00, it’s an economical option. Click here to order or for more information.

• Hix HT-400: The HT-400 is an industry standard with over 100,000 units sold worldwide. This 15″ x 15″ clamshell press is ideal for the bulk of heat transfer applications including sublimating apparel, and applying plotter-cut heat transfer film (‘T-shirt vinyl’). The HT-400 includes an LCD control panel and reaches temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). The floating lower platen helps provide more even pressure than other clamshell presses, even on thick items. The HT-400 is yours for $1,025.00 plus shipping. Click here for more information.

• Hix HT-600: The HT-600 offers all the features and durability of the HT-400 with a larger 16″ x 20″ format perfect for full-size transfers like spirit wear. The HT-600 also includes an auto-off feature that shuts off the press after 3 hours of inactivity. This clever feature can reduce your utility bills and prevent accidents. Like all Hix presses, the HT-600 heating element is manufactured in a permanent steel cavity mold using a Hix-exclusive aluminum alloy for maximum heat transfer. The HT-600 costs just a little more than the HT-400 at $1,195.00 plus shipping. Click here to order or for more information.

• S-650 Auto-Open clamshell. For busy shops, the S-650 offers the extra piece of mind of a hands-free auto-open mechanism. With an S-650 in your shop, you’ll have no more worries about scorched shirts caused by phone calls or other interruptions. The S-650 is a 16″ x 20″ press with all the benefits of the HT series presses including the Auto-off feature and floating lower platen for even pressure. The S-650 costs only $1,530 plus shipping. Click here to make it yours.

• Swingman 20: The Hix SwingMan 20 is a 16″ x 20″ press with a swing arm design. The Hix SwingMan 20 is an industry favorite for sublimation and textile heat transfer production. Its design reduces fatigue and increases productivity. The Swingman 20 features a Hix-exclusive swing-away design that allows you to apply over 1,200 lbs of downward force with very little effort. With the Swingman 20 at maximum pressure, you can literally open and close the press with two fingers. You get all that garment decoration goodness for $1,595.00 plus freight. Click here for more info.

If you’re one of the experienced professionals who has been asking for Hix heat presses, you are already familiar with the quality and unique features of these remarkable machines. If you’re looking for a rugged, reliable heat press with unique features and superior design, a Hix heat press might be the perfect solution. These workhorses from the American heartland will support your business with years of trouble-free production. With models ranging from the Hobby Lite to the Swingman 20, we’ve got one for you.