“I’m not sure what kind of sign I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.”

Another great article from John McWade’s Before and After web site on the problems of communicating with your sign customers:

Have you ever made a presentation to a committee/boss/client who could not converse in words? It goes like this: “Hmm. Mm-hmm. I’m not sure what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.” And, “I can’t tell you what I like, but I know what I don’t like.”

The inability to articulate is a serious professional handicap. The problem is, it afflicts designers, too. Ask a designer to describe his fine technique and you might hear: “I air out the type until it feels right.” Or, “I isolate each color until one works.”

Is the problem the “stupid client”, or you, the sign designer? Find out by finishing the article here at Before and After…