New PrismJET 250 WallTEX printable wall fabric

Applied wall decal typical of those created with PrismJET WallTEX printable fabric.

Applied wall decal typical of those created with PrismJET WallTEX printable fabric.

Our PrismJET 234 WallTEX™  printable fabric is our most effective solution for repositionable wall graphics. WallTEX™  offers unparalleled layflat performance, even for full bleed, contour-cut decals. And since it’s solvent, eco-solvent, UV, and Latex printable, just about everyone with a digital printer can use it. But since it’s a premium product, it comes with a premium price, relative to calendared wall vinyls. Some users who want the excellent conformability and layflat performance of WallTEX™  have found that it’s not in their customers’ budget. We have good news. Our new PrismJET 250 WallTEX™ offers all the benefits of the original in a more affordable product. If you’re selling removable or repositionable wall graphics, PrismJET 250 WallTEX™ should be in your inventory. Here’s why.

234 WallTEX™ Features & Benefits

As noted above, PrismJET 234 WallTEX™  is a digitally printable adhesive-backed fabric for wall graphics. This 7 mil, matte Polyester film is designed for removable and repositionable decals ideal for residential or commercial interior wall decor. It’s easy to cut and weed. And, unlike most vinyl products sold for this application, full bleed print-and-cut decals can be produced with no unprinted borders and no edge curl. The polyester film not only lays flat and stays flat, but offers outstanding conformability, even on slightly porous and textured surfaces. You can even mount it in a corner without creasing the face film.

So why did we add another version? PrismJET 234  WallTEX™ is a premium product that sells for almost twice as much as some six mil printable “wall vinyl” products. Not everyone can persuade their customers to pay extra for the superior performance.

250 WallTEX™: The Affordable Solution

Consider PrismJET 250 WallTEX™ to be the affordable alternative. It is, as we used to say in high school the same thing, only different.  250 WallTEX™ features the same matte finish Polyester face film, the same repositionable and removable clear acrylic adhesive, and the same excellent conformability and layflat performance. So it’s a great choice for full bleed wall decals. WallTEX™ frees you from the limitations common to calendared wall vinyls. You don’t need to leave an un-printed border. You don’t have to limit the size of your decals, and you don’t need to wait a day between printing and cutting.  Just print, cut, and apply.

Since it has the same coated polyester face film, you can use 250 WallTEX™ on all the same digital print platforms as 234 WallTEX™.  And PrismJET VJ48 or MUTOH 1204 owners can use the existing  Raster and Vector ICC Profiles downloadable from the Technical Support blog.

What’s different? Glad you asked. 250 WallTEX™ is a 4 mil film instead of 7. It’s thinner, a little more conformable, and more affordable. The new version costs as low as 59¢/sf: about 26% less than the seven mil film.  So what’s the downside? Thinner films are not always easier to apply, especially in the absence of overlaminate film or application tape. If you’re applying a large graphic, you may want to use medium tack transfer tape and a hinge method  to avoid stretching the print.  Please click here for complete product specifications and instructions.  PrismJET 250 WallTEX™ is available in 48″ x 100ft  and 54″ x 100ft rolls.

So if you’ve been yearning for the same outstanding layflat performance of PrismJET 234 WallTEX, but at a different– that is to say, lower price point–this is your lucky day. 250 WallTEX offers a more cost-effective solution for supple, repositionable, full-bleed wall graphics without the unprinted borders and other compromises of calendared vinyl.