Vinyl EXPRESS Qe6000 Vinyl Cutter

Fig1: The new LCD Control Panel includes one-touch commands like Fast and Copy

Fig1: The new LCD Control Panel is 6 X larger and  includes one-touch commands like Fast,  Copy, and Simple.

The Vinyl EXPRESS Qe60+, our best-selling intermediate sign vinyl cutter,  has been replaced by a newer model.

And like most tech products these days, the new model comes with thoughtful improvements. As good as the Qe60+ is, the new Qe6000 is a more technologically advanced product with features integrated from our heavy-duty Q Series professional grade plotters.

Sometimes new technology can be intimidating for the average user. Not to worry. The Qe6000’s enhancements have been added in a way that also makes this new vinyl cutter model easier to use than ever. The combination of more features and more simplicity makes the Qe6000 one of our best cutter values ever.

How can it be more advanced, but simpler?

Qe6000 Vinyl Cutter: More Advanced

The Qe6000 has been improved in three main areas: contour cutting, media handling, and job control.

  • The state of the art  ARMS axis alignment firmware that supports precise print and cut workflow is now standard equipment. This feature allows Qe6000 owners to use the cutter with a digital printer to create contour cut printed decals. You can read more about the process and necessary ingredients here. The Qe60+ had this feature as $299, dealer-installed option. Now, there’s no extra cost. And, there’s no need to send it in for the upgrade if you realize you need this feature three months after you’ve bought your cutter.
  • The Qe6000 now has a media brake on the roller assembly just like the Q Series cutters. The media brake creates tension that allows you to make sure your vinyl is loaded straight before you begin cutting. This extra feature can save you the cost and frustration of having to re-plot long graphics because the vinyl wasn’t loaded correctly.
  • The Qe6000 has a much larger LCD control panel that makes it easier to see the status of the plotter and navigate job control menus. There are also new one-touch buttons for faster input, just like on the Q Series (See FIG 1). The Fast button from the Q series has been added. This feature speeds up cutter head or grit roller movement at the touch of a button. This is more efficient and precise than the two-speed system on the previous model that automatically sped up after a few seconds. There is also a Copy button so you can repeat a cut job without going into the menu….just like on the Q Series. Are we seeing a pattern here? Our intermediate vinyl cutter has been upgraded to perform more like a Pro Series model.

Qe6000 Vinyl Cutter: Simpler to Use

Fig 2: The Qe6000 has job parameters organized into seven menus.

Fig 2: The Qe6000 has job parameters organized into seven menus in Normal Mode. Simple Mode shows three.

And just like on the Q Series the LCD control panel now presents seven different menus screens that can be accessed to control tools, ARMS functions, media, communication parameters, technical diagnostics and more (See FIG 2) That screen can be a little intimidating.

What if you don’t want to deal with all that information? What if you just want to cut some reflective vinyl? Then you want to simplify it. So of course, you press the SIMPLE key.

This is another handy new feature that changes the mode of the control panel and simplifies what the plotter shows you. It also gives you simple presets for different kinds of vinyl. So instead of figuring out the ideal speed, force and offset when you switch from EnduraGLOSS intermediate vinyl to EnduraLITE reflective, you just switch the conditions from Outdoor to Reflective and the plotter shifts to the best parameters. The SIMPLE mode is ideal for those who have more than one employee in the sign shop with varying levels of expertise.

Your experienced production people can use Normal mode for complete and precise job control while the junior folk can use Simple mode to get basic jobs done quickly. This feature is also ideal for those just starting out or moving up from a scrap-book cutter to the real thing. You can start in SIMPLE mode to get acquainted with the machine’s capabilities, then shift into NORMAL when you’re ready for more control.

With all these advancements and thoughtful upgrades, one might expect a price increase. You will then be happy to hear that we’ve kept the price on the Qe6000 the same as the previous model. If you want to use it to contour cut printed graphics, we’ve actually lowered the price by $299.00. If you’re ready to take advantage of these new advancements in capability and simplicity, you are invited to click here for full specifications and package information.