Oki Pro6410 NeonColor LED Laser Printer

Have you noticed that the world around you seems to be getting more colorful? Well, not the physical world actually. The printed parts: posters, flyers, t-shirts and the like. Those parts of our world are definitely looking brighter. That’s because of the expanded gamut trend.  The trend in digital printing is toward the use of broader color gamut for more realistic, more engaging prints. This includes the use of unique ink sets that go beyond process color.  But even CMYK is getting brighter.

Part of the brightening of our world is due to innovative products like the OKI Pro6410 NeonColor transfer printer. The Oki Pro6410 is a laser transfer solution that replaces traditional CMYK process color printing with intense fluorescent toner. The neon toner offers lots of advantages in terms of visual impact and ease of use. It’s even more affordable than other laser transfer printers. If you’re looking for a way to make a bigger splash in the apparel or promotional market, this might be right up your alley. Come take a look.

Oki Pro6410 NeonColor Overview

The OKI Pro6410 NeonColor Printer is a desktop laser printer based on the tried and true OKI 700 series print engine. Like all OKI transfer printers, it’s not really a laser printer. It’s actually an LED printer with Single Pass Color™ Digital technology and a straight-through paper path for printing up to 140 lb. index (250 gsm) stock. The LED print heads come with a five year warranty. The Pro6410 NeonColor prints at speeds of up to 8 ppm on 8.5″ x 11″ transfer media and produces high resolution 1200 x 600 dpi images. You get great speed plus crisp, clear output.

We call it a desktop printer because it supports standard letter and legal size papers. The sizes suitable for laser transfer applications are 8.5” x 11” and 8.5” x 17” sheets. Like all OKI printers, you can use the Pro6410 with lots of different kinds of paper including 64 – 250 gsm bond paper. The Multi-Purpose Feeder holds up to 100 sheets. The bottom tray holds 300.  It has 256mb of internal memory and the print driver is compatible with Windows Vista, 7/8/10 and Mac OS X through 10.11. The optional Forever TransferRIP software runs in Windows only.

NeonColor Toner

What makes the Oki Pro6410 unique is what comes in the toner cartridges. Instead of standard CMYK process colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), the Pro6410 comes with a unique color configuration. The standard set is a fluorescent version of the Oki 711WT’s CMYW toner set consisting of NeonCyan, NeonMagenta, NeonYellow, and NeonWhite. The Neon CMYW configuration enables printing vivid fluorescent transfers for application on dark media and apparel.

There is also an optional Black cartridge that can be used with the NeonCyan, Magenta, and Yellow.  The inclusion of Black toner means you get the full tonal range in addition to the eye-popping impact of fluorescent process colors. This toner set is designed for printing on white media or transferring to white or pastel apparel.

You can load four at a time and run in CMYK mode or CMYW mode. CMYK mode is good for decorating white or pastel apparel with one-step self-weeding laser transfer paper. Neon CMYW mode supports decorating dark apparel with opaque, vivid fluorescent transfers. In addition to intense color in normal lighting conditions, the NeonColor toner set adds a cool dayglo effect under UV light that is even more intense.

I mentioned ease of use. That relates to the design process. Since it uses neon versions of process color, you don’t have to use special software or limit your design process to spot color vector graphics, as is the case with fluorescent inkjet print applications.

Neon Toner Transfer Applications

You might say this is a special printer for special applications. The most unique aspect of the neon toner is the black light effect. The most popular applications for this are for promotional wear related to night clubs, concert venues, and other entertainment-related applications. The black light effect is also used as a security element that allows companies to check the authenticity of printed material under a UV light.

But the NeonColor effect also adds noticeable visual impact in normal lighting conditions. Promotional and custom apparel also benefits from fluorescent or neon color. The same is true for promotional items like mugs, tumblers, mouse pads and more. The use of fluorescent ink in large format printers has been growing in popularity for the last few years. Having the same capability in your laser transfer business is very appealing

Essentials and Prices.

Speaking of appealing features, one of the best things about the Oki Pro6410 is its exceptional value. At only $2,695, it’s not only the most affordable fluorescent laser transfer solution, it’s also the most affordable white toner solution. You will of course need a heat press. Self-weeding laser transfer paper requires even pressure, so a swing away press is recommended. The EnduraPRESS SA12 and SD20 are outstanding values. Swing away heat presses from Hix, Geo Knight, or Hotronix are also good choices. We always recommend a Geo Knight contact thermometer to verify correct heat press temperatures. That summarizes the essential hardware.  You can use the Oki Pro6410 with the printer driver and Adobe Photoshop, but adding Forever TransferRIP software will greatly simplify your workflow and expand your options for compatible design software.
If you’re interested in adding laser transfers to your product line, but want something bolder and more distinctive, the Oki Pro6410 NeonColor may be just what you’re looking for. You’ll need the printer, a good heat press, a thermometer, and probably TransferRIP.  You can get it all here for under $3,600.  Got questions or suggestions? Feel free to drop them in the comment field below.