Logical Color GlitterSOFT glitter T-shirt vinyl

GlitterSOFT the thin and soft. It feels great and your customers will love it!

In our introduction to Logical Color WarmPeel Universal heat transfer film, we also mentioned Logical color GlitterSOFT. You may have wondered what GlitterSOFT is.

Part of the logical aspect of Logical Color is in the names of the products. So GlitterSOFT is just that. It’s a new kind of glitter t-shirt vinyl that’s softer than other glitter-flake films, but just as dazzling. So it looks just as good, but feels better on apparel.

GlitterSOFT offers the … (read more...)

Large format printing: heat, ink, and media

PrismJET VJ54 uses integral heaters to optimize print qualityHeat is an integral part of modern large format printing for both eco-solvent and latex printers. All large format outdoor printers use heat. Heat helps ink penetrate media and helps printers dry the ink. This produces prints that can withstand long term exposure to UV radiation from the sun.  Heat is as essential an ingredient in large format printing as it is in baking. And, just as in baking, it must be added in the right amount. Use just enough and you have a delicious concoction. Dial in too much … (read more...)

Why We Like Mutoh Large Format Printers…

Mutoh_1638_web_300x188Recently, I was corresponding with a prospective customer about Mutoh large format printers, when she responded, “We are looking at getting a more well-known brand. Do you sell HP, Mimaki, or Roland?”

That caught me by surprise as I was under the impression that you couldn’t get better known in the printer world than Mutoh. So, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Mutoh, let me tell you about them.… (read more...)

EnduraMAG CraftPRINT magnetic inkjet paper

Like all of our Endura brand sign supplies, EnduraMAG magnetic sheeting excels by offering brand name performance at the SIGNWarehouse price. Sign makers across the country love EnduraMAG sheeting because of it’s quality and value. Now our craft and hobby customers can enjoy the same excellent price and performance benefits with EnduraMAG CraftPRINT magnetic inkjet paper.

EnduraMAG CraftPRINT is high quality, glossy magnetized paper that’s easy to print and use. You can even print and cut magnetic decals on your desktop printer and Vinyl Express vinyl cutter. There are lots … (read more...)

iColor TransferRIP Cost Calculator

One of the advantages of laser transfer garment decoration is the lower cost of toner vs. ink. But there are variables that affect the cost of laser transfers just as there are with inkjet printers. Some transfer papers cost more than others. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose your transfer paper based on a target margin? White toner costs more than process colors . The opacity of the white layer has a big impact on  image quality. How much is enough?

Wouldn’t it be grand if you could … (read more...)

PrismJET Productivity

The PrismJET brand has been powering the productivity of sign and print shops for over 15 years. Thousands of customers across the country have built successful profitable businesses with PrismJET large format printers. We have a history of getting it done. PrismJET productivity drives profit. Like the best-selling printers that came before it, the new PrismJET VJ54 is built for cranking out high quality prints in a professional sign shop. The PrismJET VJ54 uses fast-drying outdoor durable eco-solvent ink, and a chassis engineered and manufactured to the highest standards.

You … (read more...)