A Basic Guide to Performance Apparel Decoration

Selling custom decorated performance apparel will naturally command a higher price and insulate you from competition from other decorators –and department stores– selling cotton T-shirts. Adding performance apparel to your product line can also broaden your customer base. You’ll have a product you can sell to top tier schools, dance academies, and athletic organizations in your area.

A Basic Guide: GO UNO Garment Decoration System

There’s a new, high tech method for garment decoration, wowing crowds at trade shows with its speed, quality, and versatility. It might be just what you need to take your digital graphics business to the next level. Are you looking for a startup system you can use to decorate cotton, polyester, and blended garments? How about a printer that outputs transfers for shirts, high fashion foils, and rigid substrates? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could also use said printer for high quality document and poster printing?