Transfer Tape Vinyl Application Guide

One of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive is, “What application tape should I use with this vinyl?” Vinyl and tape go together like peanut butter and jelly. But if you’ve got the wrong tape for your vinyl, it might feel more like peanut butter and yogurt. Nobody’s gonna want that sandwich. To help you […]

enduraMASK MHT 130 Application Tape

For over 35 years, the SignWarehouse, Endura brand has provided exceptional value. Endura means brand name quality at the SignWarehouse price. Our new EnduraMASK MHT 130 Application Tape carries on that tradition by providing exceptional performance and versatility at an affordable price. MHT 130 is the first EnduraMASK transfer tape tested and approved for use […]

A Basic Guide to Tape Application Tools

Using application tape for vinyl is an essential part of vinyl sign making. For some, transfer tape is a breeze, for others a challenge. But because it’s a necessary step in transferring your design to a substrate or sign blank, and because it can cause disaster if you botch it –there are lots of tools designed to make it easier.

Conform Tape and Conformable Vinyl

Sometimes products made in the sign industry come from different disciplines and the people developing these products don’t speak the same language. I’m not referring to English and Chinese. I’m referring to the languages of grams per square meter vs denier. They both refer to the strength of a printable substrate, but one refers to […]