Oracal Flip Tip

Many sign makers love Oracal vinyl because it weeds like a dream. Oracal vinyls are also thinner than most other intermediate vinyls, which makes them more conformable. Both of these are wonderful benefits for any sign maker. But, as with many of the good things in life, there is a catch — Oracal’s thinner construction and great weeding characteristics come from a particularly dense face stock, which can make getting it off the liner a problem. Because Oracal is slightly denser, it tends to be slightly stiffer than most calendared plotter films. Here’s an additional way to do it.

Applying Oracal 631 – Mask it, Heat It, and Flip It

As residential and commercial wall graphics become more popular, many people are turning to Oracal 631 to produce indoor graphics. Oracal 631 Exhibition Cal is a 3mil calendered vinyl designed specifically for indoor use. Its name indicates its intent as a graphic marking film for indoor trade show and exhibition graphics. 631 has two unique […]