5 Tips for Managing Your Money

While money isn’t necessarily the root of all evil, it can be the cause of sleepless nights and nasty migraines in business owners. Managing money is a way to chart our course through the economic downturn. Therefore, simplify your business and handle your money better with these 5 tips.

8 Simple Tips for Building a Cash Reserve

It is important to always plan for the future and expect the unexpected, especially when running your own business. One way to be ready for anything is by building up a small cash reserve that can be used in emergency instances, or as a nice bonus for yourself at the end of the year. If […]

EnduraMAG Marketing

Economists predict that, even as recession gives way to recovery, unemployment will rise. As the economy sheds more jobs, there will be more people starting their own businesses, whether by choice or necessity. These potential customers need your services, perhaps even more so than the brick and mortar businesses that are the mainstay of the […]

The Power of Impulse Purchases

In an interview published by Modern Car Care, Rami Lalena, president of R.R. Lalena Corp. in Maspeth, NY said: “Seventy five percent of everything sold in a carwash lobby is impulse…You can drive your car without Betty Boop car mats or without an air freshener. You don’t really need these things.” What works for car […]