A Basic Guide to Color Space

Having been in the sign industry for over twelve years, I do know that it is very possible to design an object you can’t print. That may be interesting to philosophers, but it’s maddening for sign makers. This frustrating phenomenon generally befalls people who are making the transition from CAD processes to digital color. The color range used in vinyl and heat applied films is entirely different from the output available from a standard process printer. Most new printers assume the range is the same and struggle with managing their own and their customers’ expectations.

Why We Like Mutoh Large Format Printers…

Recently, I was corresponding with a prospective customer about Mutoh large format printers, when she responded, “We are looking at getting a more well known brand. Do you sell HP, Mimaki, or Roland?” That caught me by surprise as I was under the impression that you couldn’t get better known in the printer world than Mutoh. So, for those of you who aren’t familiar with Mutoh, let me tell you about them.

False Economy: Why Would You Use Sign Plotter Vinyl in Your Digital Printer?

Why would you consider using sign plotter vinyl in your digital printer instead of digital printing vinyl? Most would answer “To save money”. But Images printed on a high gloss plotter film like EnduraGLOSS, ORACAL 651or Avery 500 will not have the sharp clarity and rich color of those printed on media designed for ecosolvent printers. And because too much of the ink is left on the surface, an installed print will be less UV-resistant than it should be. It will fade too quickly.

Introducing PrismJET 234 WallTEX Wall Graphics Media

What if a sports fan wants to put Little Andy All-Star or the local high school mascot on the wall of the den? That’s where the sign industry comes in. You create that custom image, sell, print, and install it. For those who want or need lower cost wall graphics, we still offer 3 mil and 6 mil vinyls from Mojave (GMI), Avery, and Oracal. But if you want more conformability, more creative freedom, and the peace of mind that comes from satisfied customers, ya gotta try PrismJET WallTEX.

Used or New… Which is the best buy?

As we move from the recession towards a recovery, sign makers interested in entering the digital print market have the option of buying a new outdoor printer or picking up a used printer on the cheap. Used printers have always been around. A few years ago, growing sign shops had the option of buy a […]