Coroplast Sign Blanks – Versatile Indoors and Outdoors

“And the Sign Said…” Under New ManagementGo, Broncos!Caution!Neighborhood Yard Sale!Right Turn Only Back in 1971, the song “Signs” was on FM radio almost hourly. The lyrics were catchy: “Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs…” The Five Man Electrical Band was not wrong (and now some of you mature ones are humming the melody). Signs are everywhere. […]

A Basic Guide to Corrugated Plastic Sign Blanks

If you’re just getting started in the vinyl sign business and have questions about those ubiquitous roadside signs on stakes (some folks call them “bandit signs”), this blog post is for you. It’s a beginners’ guide to corrugated plastic sign blanks. We’ll answer the basic questions about “cor-plastic” sign making, including what makes it so popular, and how to cut it, mount it, grommet it, hang it, and even print it.