Keep Edges from Lifting or Curling on Full Bleed Contour Cut Decals

Occasionally we hear from a customer experiencing a problem with edges lifting on full bleed contour-cut decals. The most recent call concerned some decals printed on ORAJET 3651 vinyl and applied to a substrate. Edge curl on full bleed decals is most commonly seen in “Fatheads” style wall graphics, which rely on lower tack adhesives to enable the end user to reposition the decal at will. But edge curl can also occur on standard decals using permanent adhesives.

Vinyl Cutting Tip: How to fix lifting corners

Can a sign maker design a graphic that is too big or too small to cut? According to emails we receive, the answer is yes. Some common problems encountered in vinyl cutting are self-inflicted and are caused by designing something beyond the parameters of your equipment. One such problem is edge lifting during plotting, also […]