EnduraPRESS Heat Press Webinar On SW-TV

webinar_endurpress_online_header_450x395Our EnduraPRESS heat press webinar is now archived on SignWarehouse TV. We officially introduced our hot-selling EnduraPRESS product line and covered a wide range of topics relating to heat press applications. In the archived video, you’ll get to see demonstrations of our three exciting  new heat presses, the CS15-AR, the MP5 mug press, and the CP36 cap press. In addition to learning what makes our EnduraPRESS heat presses so popular, you’ll get lots of practical tips  to help you get the most out of your heat transfer processes.  Here’s … (read more...)

New Product Update: DarkJET and DarkJET Solvent

Blog_DarkJET_Solvent_300x326We’ve updated two of our most popular garment decoration products. DarkJET has a slightly new look. DarkJET Solvent has been on hiatus, at the media spa, getting a makeover. They’re both back, feeling refreshed and ready for duty.
EnduraTex DarkJET and DarkJET Solvent are made for the application of heat-applied graphics to apparel of any color.  Despite the name, DarkJET isn’t JUST for dark garments. DarkJET was so named because so many of our customers want to apply their printed graphics to dark and/or colored T-shirts.
Dye sublimation and Sawgrass’ … (read more...)

Heat Press Guide: How to Choose the Right One

Blog_HEAT_Press_header_300x300If you’re a sign business considering expanding into garment decoration, you may be thinking about buying your first heat press. There are lots of sizes and styles to choose from ranging from under $300 to $3,000. Making the wrong choice can mean spending too much or buying too little. Both mistakes can stunt the growth of your business. How do you make the right decision?

You could start by pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee and reading this basic guide on how to choose the right heat press.  While … (read more...)

Garment Imprinting and Garment Decoration: Index to Articles

Blog_Garment_Topical_Index_header_2015We’ve produced lots of articles about different aspects of garment decoration. As the list grew, it became apparent to us that we needed a quick reference guide readers could use to sort through the articles and find the one they need most. And, we thought it would also be helpful to have them all in one place so you can read through all the related articles at your leisure to deepen your understanding of a particular field.

Since the index has become quite extensive, we’ve now broken it up into … (read more...)

Solve Common Problems with T-Shirt Transfer Material

T-Shirt Garment Imprinting Troubleshooting Tips

Things can go wrong when imprinting garments. Read how to troubleshoot problems.

Creating garment graphics from heat applied thermal film, aka “T-Shirt vinyl*”, is a pretty simple process, but it also has its quirks. Making the transition from cutting standard vinyl graphics for doors and windows can be a bit confusing at first.

If your first experience with vinyl cutters is with T-shirt graphics, the learning curve is a little steeper. To help you clear those hurdles more quickly, we offer this basic thermal transfer troubleshooting guide.

Here are simple … (read more...)