False Economy: Why Would You Use Sign Plotter Vinyl in Your Digital Printer?

Why would you consider using sign plotter vinyl in your digital printer instead of digital printing vinyl? Most would answer “To save money”. But Images printed on a high gloss plotter film like EnduraGLOSS, ORACAL 651or Avery 500 will not have the sharp clarity and rich color of those printed on media designed for ecosolvent printers. And because too much of the ink is left on the surface, an installed print will be less UV-resistant than it should be. It will fade too quickly.

Effective Vehicle Wrap Design: To Sell, Make It Simple, not Sick.

Which signmaking customer is likely to be more demanding? One who invests $500 for event banners, or one who invests $4,000 for a vehicle or car wrap? Odds are, the more people invest with you, the higher their expectations will be.  A vehicle wrap is not only a significant investment from your customer, it’s a […]