A Basic Guide to Banner Making

Banners are big business for sign makers. It’s estimated that 40% of a sign shop’s profits come from custom made banners. So they’re not only popular but also very profitable if priced correctly. The market for banners is deep and wide. You can sell in high volume to retail stores, and in lower volume to a wide variety of secondary markets including schools, municipalities, and individuals. Learning to make, sell, and install banners correctly is an important step to becoming a profitable sign business. To smooth out the road for you, we offer this basic guide to banner making which will give you an overview of the equipment, tools and supplies needed, display options, pricing guidelines, and a few tips. Let’s start with the basic equipment list.

Banner Printing Basics

Banner printing is a good, effective way to advertise any business. It is an inexpensive way to make a sign that can promote your brand name, provide company information, highlight a special deal, or raise a call to action. Banner printing is the perfect solution for large business events where many companies will gather to meet, or for smaller corporations looking to create an indoor sign that meets a specific need.