Lighten Up with Reflective Vinyl

What’s That Ahead? Unlike owls, cats, and frogs, human vision is not better in darkness. In fact, it’s not good at all! We carry flashlights with us on camping trips and rely on outdoor lights on our houses, apartments, businesses, and in parking garages to make us feel safe when walking after dark. And for […]

A Basic Guide to Reflective Vinyl

At some point in your signmaking business, someone will ask for reflective signage. When that time comes, you’ll need to understand that reflective sheeting has unique properties and challenges. This issue, A Basic Guide to Reflective Vinyl, will prepare you for those challenges so you can select the right grade of vinyl and install it successfully.

Preventing Bubbles When Applying Self Adhesive VInyl

We frequently get questions about preventing bubbles when installing vinyl on smooth flat surfaces. This can especially be a problem in installing reflective vinyl. The trick is getting the tape to release from the vinyl without putting so much stress on the vinyl that it weakens the newly formed bond between the adhesive and the substrate.