Add Rhinestones to Garment Decoration for Bling and Profit

Demand for rhinestone decorated garments is still growing. Creating a rhinestone garment involves several steps and can be time consuming, especially if you’re creating island fills for large textual graphics. But rhinestones can also be combined with other garment decoration techniques to add visual appeal for the wearer and extra profit for you, the garment decorator. We show you how.

A Basic Guide to Rhinestone Decoration

Our most recent Beginners Guide covered the basics of CAD digital garment decoration, otherwise known as T-shirt vinyl. If you’ve looked into this field of opportunity, you’ve no doubt noticed that there are lots of people wearing rhinestones these days. The popularity of rhinestone decorated garments presents an excellent source of new business for sign makers and digital decorators. Let’s explore this fancy fashion and find out what it takes to turn this T-shirt trend into more business.