Simplicity Sells Signs

We have a tendency to think that the more sign options we put out there, the more sign sales we will make. While it is true that customers will be looking for specific solutions to their signage problems, having too many design layouts, or too many choices, can leave a customer feeling overwhelmed.

5 Steps for a Successful Sign Making Sales Call

As much as you may hate making sign sales calls, they are a part of every successful sign making business. Being well prepared for your sales call will help you feel less nervous, and make the process more natural. You will also better be able to pitch your sign solutions and focus on the needs of the client. Preparing beforehand ensures you ask all the right questions and greatly contributes to the success or failure your sales call.

Sell Signs by Selling Yourself

What makes the difference between a good salesman and a bad one is that a good one knows how to be himself while selling his product. If you are constantly trying one new method after another, you will never find one that fits with your personality. It is vital that you remain a person first, and salesman second.