A Basic Guide to Pricing Signs, Banners, and Wraps

One of the most important and frequently asked questions from new sign makers is what do I charge? No other question has such potential for success or failure for a new business. No matter how well you know your equipment, no matter how good your designs are, if you fail in pricing signs right, you fail; period. So in the interest of increasing your chances for sign making success, we offer this beginners guide to sign pricing. We’ll look at industry standard pricing for the most common applications, guidelines for design and labor charges, resources for managing costs, and tips for adapting to regional differences. Let’s start with some basic guidelines for banners, vehicle graphics, and small signage.

Three Ways to Follow-up with Potential Clients

One of the most frustrating things with running a small sign making business is not being able to close a deal with a client. After going over several different proposals, making sketches, and getting yourself hyped for the job you hear those dreaded words, “I don’t think I am ready to make this kind of purchase yet.” No matter what form the rejection comes in, it stings. However, don’t give up hope. Just because a potential client isn’t ready for a sign right at this moment, doesn’t mean they won’t eventually need a sign maker. Treat such ones as potential clients and eventually they may convert into actual clients.