Vinyl Adhesive – How It Affects the Durability of Your Signs

Should I use a solvent adhesive or acrylic? What’s the difference between a removable and a repositionable adhesive? When does a removable adhesive become permanent? If you’ve ever asked yourself one of these questions, you’ll enjoy our second edition of the Sign College Newsletter. This week, we’ll talk about the adhesive compounds used in today’s graphic marking films and examine their strengths, weaknesses, and unique applications. Hopefully you’ll be better able to make choices that result in what I like to call “trouble free stickage”.

Adhesive Options For Vinyl Window Graphics or Outdoor Printed Signs on Discolored Surfaces and Low Energy Plastics

We’ve touched on this in a previous blog post, but since we’re talking about adhesives, we should mention that some surfaces are not compatible with anything we’ve covered so far. Porous surfaces and certain plastics are very difficult, even for high quality solvent adhesives. There is a long technical explanation for this, but the basic reason is that the adhesive is unable to ‘wet out” or cure completely.