EnduraGLOSS Vinyl

EnduraGLOSS is a soft, 3-mil intermediate calendared vinyl with an acrylic adhesive. As the name implies, it’s a glossy vinyl, and it’s available in 42 colors. The color palette covers the gamut from sign industry standards like royal blue to trendier hues like mint green and coral. Because it has a polymeric calendared face film, […]

Make Yourself a Mini Install Kit

We’ve all been there – you arrive to check on your latest install only to find an issue that needs to be fixed. You grab your keys to head back to the truck, only to realize you’ve come by in your car, without a single installation tool. Frustrated, you have no choice but to head back to the shop, grab your tools and come back to the job site, spending the entire morning on a 5 minute fix.

Apply Self Adhesive Vinyl Like a Pro

Nothing is more disappointing than applying a perfect graphic to a clean substrate with top of the line tools only to wind up with bubbles and wrinkles in the vinyl, detracting from the finished product. Here are some tips to prevent that from happening.

Multi Colored Layered Vinyl Graphics in LXi

One of the most frequently asked questions on the SignWarehouse Forum is how to create and cut multiple colored, layered vinyl graphics. Standard sign industry design elements like outlines, drop shadows require the use of layers, so this process is a must for selling professional quality signs and banners. Let’s take a quick look at the LXi user interface and find out how to make these lucrative images.

Adhesive Options For Vinyl Window Graphics or Outdoor Printed Signs on Discolored Surfaces and Low Energy Plastics

We’ve touched on this in a previous blog post, but since we’re talking about adhesives, we should mention that some surfaces are not compatible with anything we’ve covered so far. Porous surfaces and certain plastics are very difficult, even for high quality solvent adhesives. There is a long technical explanation for this, but the basic reason is that the adhesive is unable to ‘wet out” or cure completely.