Logical Color WarmPEEL CP T-shirt Vinyl

The topic for today is the new Logical Color WarmPEEL CP.  The CP stands for Cotton and Polyester. Like most heat transfer vinyls, WarmPeel CP works on 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton-poly blends, acrylic and similar fabrics. And, as the name also implies, it’s a warm peel t-shirt vinyl, so it’s great for high production […]

New Chemica QuickFlex heat transfer film

This is another new product announcement, but really it could also be considered a “new and improved” product. We’re talking about a new heat transfer film from our friends at Chemica US called QuickFlex. QuickFlex is Chemica’s second warm peel heat transfer film, aka T-shirt vinyl. Rather than just improving on the previous product, Chemica […]