Vinyl Decals on YETI Mugs

Decorated YETI mugs are the hottest product in personal customization these days. Or, you could say it’s the coolest thing going. It all depends on whether you’re using one to keep your latte hot or your iced tea cold.  But the reason our customers love YETI mugs is not because of what goes on inside, […]

Print Yeti mug decals with PrismJET VJ24

During our PrismJET VJ24 webinar, several attendees asked if they could use our 24″ ecosolvent printer to print YETI mug decals. The simple and exciting answer is Yes you can.  The compact PrismJET VJ24 and VJ24X are ideal choices for creating colorful, engaging and durable decals for YETI mugs and similar drinkware items. Since these are […]