EnduraTEX Resolve is a Warm Peel Heat Transfer Vinyl

warm peel T-shirt vinyl

What if I told you a warm peel T-shirt vinyl could save you 5 minutes off of each transfer?

What if you used a warm peel heat transfer vinyl vinyl? What if you did and it would shave time off of your longer runs?

What if you didn’t have to sacrifice the economy of EnduraTex Resolve because you think you need a hot peel vinyl?

What if you could enjoy the softness and color choice of Resolve Plus without waiting five minutes for your shirts to cool?

What if you could complete your Resolve and Resolve plus T-shirt Transfer … in just 13 seconds? Would you like to know more?

Hot Peel & Cold Peel Assumptions

You’ve lived under the false assumption that if a heat transfer film isn’t hot peel, you have to wait until it’s completely cold to remove the liner and move on.

Not so. Meet EnduraTEX Resolve and Resolve Plus.

By using the proper heat and pressure combination, you can cut your total production time to just 13 seconds. Resolve and Resolve Plus are not ‘cold peel’ films. They are both warm peel heat transfer vinyls. That means you can remove the liner. After just three seconds.  How is this possible you ask? How does this work?

Warm Peel Heat Transfer Vinyl Process

Adjust your expectations. More heat sets the film more quickly. Reset your heat press temperature for 305°F. Set the time for 10 seconds. Use medium pressure for Resolve. Use medium to firm pressure for Resolve Plus. Just… ten… seconds. Remove the film from the press, wave it for three seconds. Peel and repeat. No need to set it aside and wait for five minutes. Just press for ten, remove, wait three to five seconds. And repeat.

EnduraTex Resolve and Resolve Plus are much more efficient and production-friendly than you thought. This doesn’t mean you can do this with every ‘cold peel’ film on the market. Some do need more time for the adhesive to bond before removing the liner. But with these two, you can…resolve to work more productively. You can enjoy the economy of Resolve and the softness and color choices of Resolve Plus.

Fluorescent Exception

There  is, ONE exception.

We cannot have the economy of EnduraTex Resolve, the efficiency of warm peel production AND brilliant neon colors. Resolve Plus Fluorescent colors use a white layer to give vibrant, opaque color. When heated to 300°, that white layer may expand beyond the fluorescent topcoat, causing a small but visible white outline to appear. So if you’re using Neon colors in EnduraTex Resolve, you must cut the temperature to 280°F.  This means you will need a longer press time to set the transfer. Press for 15 – 20 seconds at 280°F. Then wait just three seconds. Peel the liner. And repeat.

Resolve to enjoy the economy and durability of EnduraTex Resolve heat transfer vinyl without compromising productivity. Resolve to enjoy the market-leading softness of Resolve Plus and the unparalleled color selection without wasting time waiting. Set aside your assumptions. Reset your expectations. And your heat press settings. Press for ten seconds. Wait three seconds. Peel the liner. And believe.