Vinyl Express EnduraCUT 3 vinyl cutter

Blog_EnduraCUT3_PCC_header_300x356If you’ve visited recently, you may have noticed a new face with a familiar name. The newest addition to the Vinyl Express family is the enduraCUT 3. As its name implies, the  enduraCUT 3 bears a striking resemblance to the enduraCUT 2. But it has some sophisticated features that make it competitive with leading brand name plotters. In keeping with the Vinyl Express family tradition, it offers outstanding value for the price. In fact, the enduraCUT 3 vinyl cutter offers features not found on any other Vinyl Express cutter. What makes the new Vinyl Express enduraCUT 3 such an overachiever ?


The Vinyl Express enduraCUT 3 excels by offering professional quality performance at a very affordable price. The enduraCUT 3 cuts circles around similarly priced vinyl cutters. Here’s a brief summary of its main features.

The EnduraCUT 3's digital servo drive produces extremely fine detail

FIG 1: The EnduraCUT 3’s digital servo drive produces extremely fine detail.

• Digital Servo Precision. The enduraCUT 3 is driven by an advanced digital servo motor that produces fine detail even at sizes that may be too small to weed. Quarter- inch fonts are cut perfectly. There are other ‘digital servo’ cutters on today’s market that don’t offer the precision a digital cutter is supposed to deliver. If you’ve already purchased one of those, you have our condolences. This is what true digital servo driven vinyl cutting looks like (Fig 1). The enduraCUT 3 meets the challenge of your most discerning customers.
• LCD Control Panel. The enduraCUT’s control panel houses a menu loaded with smart, time-saving features found in top tier brand name sign cutters. You’ll find controls for not only speed, force and offset but advances features like tangential cutting that produce cleanly cut, easy-to-weed graphics even in thick media.
• Floor Stand & Media Basket: The enduraCUT 3 comes bundled with a simple but practical floor stand with locking rolling casters and a media catch basket. The stand makes the enduraCUT 3 a space-saving mobile sign making machine.  The catch basket protects your vinyl graphics from dust and debris.

FIG2: The AASII firmware makes cutting out printed graphics a breeze.

FIG2: The AASII firmware makes it easy to create  contour-cut decals with a digital printer.

• Print & Cut Firmware. The AAS II axis alignment system enables the EnduraCUT 3 to precisely contour-cut digitally printed graphics. The AAS II includes a continuous registration mark option that supports contour cutting long print jobs with consistent, correct alignment.
• Buffer & LXI: The other enduraCUT advantage is found in its 4mb buffer and the LXi software that feeds it. LXI is built on the world’s best-selling sign software platform and offers a whole suite of professional design tools in a user-friendly interface. Sending your top notch designs to the enduraCUT 3 is drama free thanks to its massive data buffer. If you’ve been frustrated with cutters that lose or distort data while cutting, there’s an enduraCUT 3 with your name on it.

Packages and Price

We keep referring to value and price. So how good a value is this contour-cutting, digitally driven gem?  The most affordable enduraCUT 3 package includes the unique SignWarehouse Designer Productivity Suite and LXi Apprentice sign software, for only $1,499.00. The Master Plus package with 6 clip art CDs and all the vector design tools you’ll ever need is yours for only $1,699.00. And, if you’re a no-limits kind of guy or gal and you want to sell signs and shirts, the EnduraPRESS package with an SA12 digital swingaway heat press and EnduraTex starter kit is only $200 more.

If you’re in the market for a do-it-all vinyl cutter that offers outstanding performance at a great price,  you’ve come to the right place. The enduraCUT 3 offers the precision of a true digital servo cutter with advanced features like AAS II contour cutting. The extra convenience of the rolling  floor stand and media catch basket make the enduraCUT 3 a standout in a crowded market. In short, the newest member of the enduraCUT family is an excellent product and an unbeatable value. What else would you expect from Vinyl Express?