Vinyl Express Q Series vinyl cutters

For more than 35 years, SIGNWarehouse and Vinyl Express have offered the sign industry the exceptional value of brand name quality at warehouse prices. We use our buying power to partner with respected manufacturers like Graphtec, MUTOH, and SAI to deliver top quality performance without the premium price. The purest expression of that winning business model is the Vinyl Express Q Series vinyl cutters. The Q Series is a full line of professional grade cutters built exclusively for SIGNWarehouse by one of the industry’s most respected manufacturers. The Q Series offers outstanding performance, exquisite precision, amazing versatility, and bullet-proof reliability. What makes the Vinyl Express Q Series the best vinyl cutter value in America? Read on.


The Q Series vinyl cutters are engineered for sign and graphics businesses that need a top of the line machine that can handle any job. These Q Series sits at the top of the Vinyl Express product line. These cutters are designed to handle big jobs, to cut all kinds of adhesive backed films with unmatched speed and force, all day every day, year after year. The Q Series includes five models ranging from 24″ to 64″ wide. The current models are the Q24, Q30, Q42, Q54, and Q64.  The numerical designation corresponds to maximum cutting width, so these are cutters than can output jobs from two feet to more than five feet wide.  Because we know that making a sign business work takes more than excellent equipment, we offer each model with a unique starter package of supplies, software and resources designed to help you succeed. We also offer starter packages for specific applications like automotive window tint, banner production, and T-shirt transfers.

Q Series Features

So much for the general introduction. You probably want to know more about what makes the Q Series cutters such great values. Space would fail us here to tell you all about every feature on these outstanding machines.  Here’s a summary of the most popular features.

  • Digital servo motor: The Q Series cutters are built around an advanced digital servo drive motor system. The drive motors control the movement of the cutting head across the platen, and the movement of the grit rollers that advance and retract the vinyl. They do so with quiet precision that supports fine detail on fonts as small as 0.25″ tall and accurate tracking on jobs up to 50 feet long. Which brings us to the next feature…
  • Fifty Foot True-Track Guarantee. The machined grit rollers work in tandem with the advanced digital servo drive to give you precise control of your vinyl from beginning to end. Say goodbye to aggravating, time-wasting recuts due to tracking misalignment. With a Q Series cutter, big jobs are routine.
  • Speed and Force: All Q Series cutters can run at speeds up to 50 inches per second and produce up to 400 grams of cutting force. That means you can crank out vinyl graphics at rates that support excellent productivity. And you can cut materials up to 35 mil thick, including monument-grade sandblast resist stencil.
  • Contour-Cutting & Perf-Cutting. The available ARMS* contour cutting firmware scans registration marks on digital prints enabling Q Series owners to produce precisely contour-cut vinyl decals. Whether you need to cut out a few large decals for vehicle graphics or hundreds of small ones for promotional marketing, the Q Series can handle it with repeatable precision.
    What If you want to pop them out of a sheet of vinyl to hand out to customers? No problem. The Q Series has a unique dual-position tool carriage and grooved cutting platen. These features, along with the tool controls in the advanced job control menu, allow you to add a perforated cut path or ‘perf cut’. The perf cut penetrates the vinyl and release liner without scoring or damaging the platen. You can pop your decals right out of the sheet of vinyl for the end user to peel and stick at their convenience.
  • TangentaPlus: TangentaPlus is a clever solution to problems caused by thickmedia. The standard drag & swivel method of cutting allows the plotter blade to rotate freely in the blade holder as the holder travels across the vinyl. At corners, the blade swivels while cutting. This is fine for most jobs, but when cutting thick media like sandblast stencil, the blade’s rotation can be hindered by the thickness of the material. This can cause incompletely cut corners or even damage to the blade holder.
    Tangenta Plus solves this problem by overcutting the corner so that each segment of the path is completely and cleanly cut all the way through the film and adhesive. This produces perfectly cut and easily weeded stencils even in the thickest materials.
  • SmartBlade Landing: SmartBlade landing is an advanced feature with several important benefits. The Q Series has a built-in media scanning system that senses the surface of the vinyl and allows you to control the amount of force applied when it starts to cut out a new path. This smart landing supports cutting thin, sensitive films like window tint film, rubylith and 1 mil Chrome. But that’s not all. The Q cutter also knows how far it needs to raise the blade to move to the beginning of the next path, so it raises the blade only as far as it needs to. This precise blade control reduces vibration and wasted motion, resulting in longer service life and faster throughput.

Q Series Cutter Applications

Now that you know a little more about how these outstanding machines work, you may be wondering what you can do with one. The answer is, just about everything. Virtually anything you can think of for vinyl graphics can be done with a Q Series cutter, from novelty decals to sandblast stencils for monuments and dimensional signs. Again, we don’t have enough space here to present them all. Here are a bakers’ dozen of popular vinyl graphics applications for which our customers use their Qs.

Real estate signs,
Interior wall décor,
Paint protection film,
T-shirt vinyl transfers,
Municipal street signs,
Automotive window tint,
Contour-cut printed decals,
Commercial storefront signage,
Fleet & custom vehicle graphics,
Police & emergency vehicle marking,
Paint mask and sandblasting stencils, Monograms for decorating drinkware,
Commercial and promotional banners,
And about a hundred other cool, crafty,
functional and  profitable applications.

Q Series Support Resources

Vinyl Express Q Series cutters are backed by a two-year warranty and one year of complimentary Gold support from our expert technical support staff. You receive 90 days of premium toll-free telephone support and unlimited via email and access to our Technical Support blog. There you’ll find tutorials, drivers, downloads, FAQ and more, all at your fingertips forever and a day.

Where to go from here? It all depends on what you’re looking for. If you have a craft cutter and are looking for a bigger, better vinyl cutter, click here to view our Q Series Webinar on SignWarehouse TV. The webinar also includes a cool video demonstration of the perf cut function.

If you’ve already decided that a Q is the cutter for you, just click here to choose your model and select the best starter package for your needs. There’s a Q Series cutter package for everyone from the beginner who wants to create cool, craft decals to the seasoned sign maker who needs something better and faster. It’s the ultimate value, delivering brand name quality at the SIGNWarehouse price. Whether you’re looking for your first vinyl cutter or your last vinyl cutter, the Vinyl Express Q Series can’t be beat.