What is the Difference Between the R Series and Q Series Vinyl Sign Cutters?

A customer recently emailed us with the following question:

What is the big difference between the R series Vinyl Express cutter, which sells for hundreds, and the Q series Vinyl cutter that is in thousands? What is special about the Q series that makes them so much higher priced?  I am shopping for a cutter and need to save money…but I want to be sure I get what I need as well.
-Confused in Peoria

Dear Confused,

Maybe a better way to help you understand the differences might be to ask you the question:  What is the difference between a Lexus ES350 and a Hyundai Accent?

The Hyundai Accent costs $14,750. The Lexus ES350 costs upwards of $40,000. Both have 4 wheels, and an engine, and can move 4 people from place to place. What is so special about the Lexus that makes them so much higher priced?

I think you know the answer to that.

Fit, finish, features, warranty, reliability and quality of build. The same is true with the differences between Q Series and the R Series.

The differences are really substantial. The R Series is a great Chinese-built cutter, comparable to the other cutters that are made there. (The R Series features better internals and metal instead of plastic).

The Vinyl Express Q Series is made by Graphtec, quite literally the finest maker of vinyl cutters in the world. So speed, tracking and advanced features, as well as bulletproof reliability, is what moving up to the Q Series represents.

So I think I’d put it this way: If you’re starting out and need to make signs and banner up to 5 feet in length, R Series is great for getting a business started cheaply and reliably. But when your business turns to near all day / every day cutting, at lengths of 10 or 50 feet or more, or you’re cutting thick sand blast or diamond grade reflective, or you’re die cutting printed vinyl graphics, and you need it to last for many years, then Q Series is the cutter to have in your shop, bar none. The Q-Series has unsurpassed cutting quality and is perfect for processing highly intricate designs on a variety of material. And it is great for business uses.

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Since you are looking to enter into the sign field with a business I feel comfortable recommending the Qe60+ model cutter to you as an entry level business cutter. Here is a link to check it out -> Qe6000

I hope this helps you make up your mind. Regardless of what you buy from SignWarehouse, we want you to be happy with your purchase.

Here’s an In Depth Video comparing the Q and Qe Series of Vinyl Cutters