Help! My Coupon Code Won’t Work on SignWarehouse

From time to time we get comments from customers who say “my coupon code won’t work”.  Here’s why these coupon codes don’t work.

  • The coupon code came from a bogus or fake source.  Let’s face it, everybody wants a coupon. So there are sites that have sprung up as a so-called clearinghouse to “offer” you coupons. These sites are “fake news” designed to get you to give up your email address. Or they are “clickbait” hoping that you will click on an ad placed on their pages. In any case, they are dishonestly offering a fake coupon that won’t work. All of our real coupons only come from us. In most cases, they are unique to each user. We do not distribute any coupons through third-party sites.
    • A few of these bogus sites that we have seen doing this are:
      • dealscove (dot) com
      • anycodes (dot) com
      • hotcodes (dot) com
      • coupon (dot) everafterguide (dot) net
      • couponsoar (dot) com
      • fridaycouponcode (dot) com
      • dealspluses (dot) com
    • etc, etc., etc.
  • The coupon code came from a friend or user group. As we said, our coupons do not come from any third party, including your friend or a user group you belong to. In most cases, SignWarehouse coupon codes are unique to each customer, so they won’t work if you share it with someone else, or post it to a user group.
  • You have already used the coupon code before. Either last week, last month, or three months ago. If you have used the code before it has expired and you can’t use it again.

The only place we distribute legitimate coupon codes are directly through our site pages. So any other coupon codes are bogus and will not work. And, of course, expired coupons won’t work either.